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Toward a Caring Solidarity: Promises and Problematics for Teacher Education

Publication Date: 
December 2005

Teaching, like life, is a movement of praxis, a critical balance between moments of action and moments of reflection. The participation in and theoreticization of life, particularly the life of the classroom, is the moment at which I take up this paper. In general, the following pages reveal, reflect upon, and problematize actions I have taken as teacher and offer possibilities for a more critical, caring, and constructive course of action in the future. In particular, I begin this paper with some of my beliefs regarding the preparation of teachers, referring to three metaphors to help make my case. Next, I discuss the evolution of a theory of “caring solidarity” for teachers with their students and students with our world. To follow, I more fully develop a theoretical basis for this evolution, bringing in aspects of Freirean pedagogy, cultural studies, feminist episte mologies, and service learning scholarship. More practically, then, I also reflect on three service learning experiences, which helped give life to these theories. Finally, I point to the possibilities and problematics of future work on caring solidarity.

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