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Issues on Governance of Technical and Vocational Education Implications for Jamaica and the Caribbean

Publication Date: 
February 2007

Technical and Vocational Education is promulgated by many in Jamaica as the key to national development. Many claim that this is a key ingredient in the requirements for success as a developing nation. A good technical and vocational education base is viewed by many as important to the development of the workforce, and will eventually attract foreign investors wvho will consequently employ more people, ultimately reducing the nation's dependence on imported goods and services and reducing in the unemployment rate. The result of this is great demand for efficient and effective governance and leader­ship to manage the vast numbers of persons to be processed by the system. 
This article will focus on some of the challenges and solutions where governance of technical and vocational education is concerned in the Caribbean, and Jamaica in par­ticular. The paper wvill give excepts from UNESCO and ILO conferences and meet­ings which promote Technical and Vocational Education and provide a basis for the development of TVET in developing nations. 

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