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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Mentoring Graduate Students at a Caribbean University: A Qualitative Study

Publication Date: 
September 2022

This paper describes the experience of mentoring at a graduate level and the broader benefits of the relationship to the participants. Interpretation of the experience was achieved through conducting semi-structured interviews, generating patterns and then discusssing and analysing the findings from the experience. Five MPhil/PhD students and two supervisors participated in the study. Seven semi-structured interviews were used to explore the experiences of participants—two of whom were supervisors, while five were graduate students. The data were analyzed by identifying themes. The two main themes that emerged out of the analysis were: attributes of mentoring relationships and outcome of mentoring relationships. The mentees described the relationship as supportive in their academic pursuits and their personal lives. Mentors and mentees also recognised that the relationship was fulfilling and favourable but acknowledged that although there were challenges, they did not negatively affect the outcome of the relationship.

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