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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Youth Participation in the Eastern Caribbean

Publication Date: 
December 2009

The participation of high school students in extra-curricular activities is an issue of increasing interest in much of the developed world. There is a growing consensus that youth participation in such activities has beneficial effects on many facets of development. Using data collected from four countries in the Eastern Caribbean, this paper, based on a UNICEF sponsored project, seeks to fill this gap. The study found that student involvement in extra-curricular activities was relatively high in most of the countries, but male participation overwhelmingly took the form of sports. Despite the benefits of sporting involvement, it is argued that attention must also be paid to those activities that mirror adult civic involvement. Participation among male students in particular, in Student Councils was low. School administrations must therefore raise the profile of these councils as they represent the most viable optionfor effective, practical citizenship education in the Caribbean.

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