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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Transitioning from GSAT to CSEC: A Longitudinal Study on the Impact of Literacy Development of Students in Jamaican Primary School on their Performance in CSEC English A

Publication Date: 
March 2011

The aim of this study was to establish how well students' GSAT language arts scores predicted their future performance on CSEC English A and to determine the impact of students' level of literacy, based on their GSAT language arts score, on their performance on CSEC English A. Using a longitudinal methodology, the performance of four cohorts of students was traced from primary through secondary schools. The results revealed a strong correlation between performance on the GSAT language arts and CSEC English A. Students' level of literacy was found to have a significant impact on their performance by school type and gender, and their exclusion from sitting CSEC English A at the secondary level. The study identified the need for policies that will target literacy development in the early primary years, thus enabling a greater level of inclusion in the sitting of CSEC English A at the secondary level.

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