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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean


Publication Date: 
December 2012

This issue of the Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean contains articles that use a variety of methodologies and span countries in both the English-speaking Caribbean and Latin America. The article by Garcia Pena, Da Silva, Angelucci and Csoban, in fact, compares youth in higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two of the articles were originally presented at the Biennial Conference on Education held at the University of the West Indies on the St. Augustine campus in Trinidad and Tobago in 2013. These are the articles by Abdul-Majied, DeLisle, Mohammed, and Gayah-Batchasingh, and by Mitchell and Harry.
The content of the articles in this issue deal with issues that are most pertinent in today’s classrooms. These include the need for teachers to be able to collect, interpret, and use assessment data to inform their teaching; the integration of technology into teaching, and principals who can provide instructional leadership. All the articles have implications for further research and it is hoped that future researchers will be inspired to investigate the topics or aspects thereof from different perspectives or in different contexts.

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