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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean


Publication Date: 
June 2010

The mission of ACHEA is to “promote the highest professional and ethical standards and the continuing development of the management capacity among those who have administrative and managerial responsibilities in higher education in the Caribbean by enhancing the skills of individual members through the provision of training and development programmes and opportunities for effective networking” ( It is ACHEA’s hope that this collection of papers, as well as future publications, will serve as another means by which the Association is able to fulfil its mission. Collectively, the papers presented in this issue of JEDIC offer valuable insights that facilitate a deeper understanding of selected current issues in higher education, regionally and internationally. The theme of the 2007 Conference was “Understanding Best Practices in Higher Education Administration: Challenges, Constraints and Successes”; and in 2009 the theme was “Higher Education and Sustainable Development”.

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