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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

"And how Are the Children?" Critical Literacy for Liberation

Publication Date: 
March 2011

This article summarizes a keynote address that I delivered at the 2013 Literacy Symposium on 22 March 2013 at the University of West Indies at Mona. It builds on the conference’s them: “Literacy for Peace, Progress, and Prosperity.” Although the desire for peace is a lofty, noble, and important goal, it is a complicated process and many systemic, deeply rooted, and inequitable realities interfere with this goal. A key premise of this article is that the endemic, pervasive and persistent cycle of structural oppression of minoritized people functions as a barrier to peace among people worldwide. A precondition for true peace is the liberation of all humans. The role that critical literacy can play in the liberation is discussed.

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