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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

COUNTRY FOCUS: Education and Technology in Barbados: The Challenges for the Twenty-first Century

Publication Date: 
December 1998

Barbados has as one of its major challenges the reduction of unemployment to insignificant levels. It is believed that a major challenge to this high unemployment stems from having too many unskilled people for too few unskilled jobs. The days when preferential markets and quotas were used to determine areas of economic endeavour and employment in Caribbean countries are being upturned. In fact, Barbados has over the last fifteen years done best in areas in which there were no preferential markets or quotas. These areas include Tourism, International Business, the Offshore Sector and Informatics. Thus, more emphasis is being placed on competitiveness and reciprocity which leads to changes in the structure of the economy and thus in the areas of employment. It is imperative that people are trained to fill jobs in areas where the economy is expanding. 

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