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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Liming as Research Methodology, Ole Talk as Research Method - A Caribbean Methodology

Publication Date: 
April 2020

While western qualitative research methodologies have been embraced in their efforts to explore various worldviews including those of Caribbean people, the reception from academia for culturally relevant ways of knowing has been subdued. In recent publications, liming and ole talk has been presented as an appropriate approach to researching and understanding how people from the Caribbean region and diaspora see and interpret the world. The discussion now centres on distinguishing liming as a research methodology and ole talk as a research method. Through an exploration and analysis of three limes we argue that the philosophical and cultural basis of liming aptly positions it as a research methodology. Similarly, the practice of storytelling as exemplified through ole talk identifies the latter as a uniquely Caribbean research method for sharing knowledge. This paper hopes to contribute to the literature and debate on research approaches that ought to include Caribbean epistemologies.

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