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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

An Exploratory Study of Game-Based Approaches in Primary Mathematics and Science Classrooms in Trinidad and Tobago

Publication Date: 
October 2019

In Trinidad & Tobago, game-based approaches are pedagogies encouraged in the core STEM disciplines of mathematics and science. This paper presents the results of a pilot study in  which non-digital game based approaches were implemented in Grade 6 mathematics and science classrooms in Trinidad. In mathematics, reinforcement of 2D and 3D concepts in geometry took place through Gamification involving team competitions creating Tangrams and Origami. In science, student teams reinforced concepts of  conservation through the board game Extinction. Learning outcomes were measured via a pretest-posttest design. Perspectives on learning through games were evaluated via rating scales, and open-ended questionnaires post-intervention. In both disciplines, there was an increase in post-tests achievement scores, but statistically significant gains in mathematics only. Themes of fun, imagination, making science and math easier to learn, and the need for game adaptability to different challenge levels, emerged as significant findings for learning through game-based approaches.

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