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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Teachers’ Knowledge and Use of Context Responsive Pedagogy in a Rural Primary School

Publication Date: 
November 2020

The teacher is at the heart of the curriculum and plays an integral role in shaping individuals. As such, the knowledge teachers possess and the strategies they utilize are important considerations in the delivery of the curriculum. This qualitative study reports on the knowledge and usage of context responsive pedagogy (CRP) based on five rural primary school teachers in Jamaica. CRP entails teaching and learning that is contextualized, given the peculiarities of the classroom. Data collection was carried out through interviews and observations. The main findings revealed that the teachers found CRP beneficial to students, had limited knowledge of CRP, and that their use of CRP was driven by their humanistic beliefs. The findings therefore have implications for teacher professional development. The author recommends that given the benefits of CRP and the strategies required by the National Standards Curriculum (NSC), CRP should be taught to teachers in their pre-service training programme. 

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