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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Language Education in the Caribbean: Selected Articles, by Dennis Craig. Eds. Jeanette Allsopp and Zellynne Jennings

Publication Date: 
December 2012

Language Education in the Caribbean: Selected Articles by Dennis Craig is a carefully selected collection of the writings of the late Dennis Craig (1929–2004). Edited by Jeannete Allsopp and Zellynne Jennings, the book contains eight of Craig’s “most representative articles” with a focus on language education in the Commonwealth Caribbean. The book is a rich resource for its intended audience of language teachers, creolists, practitioners and researchers in the field of Caribbean language education. While I would pitch the book at a graduate level, chapters three and six — ‘Reading and the Creole Speaker’ and ‘English Language Teaching: Problems and Prospects in the West Indies’ — should be compulsory reading for all literacy and English language pre-service teachers at the teachers’ colleges and undergraduate teacher-training programmes at the various universities within the region. These two articles reflect some of the major challenges that still haunt our teaching of English to speakers of a Creole-influenced vernacular.

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