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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

The Contribution of Return Migrants to Education and Development in Jamaica: A Pilot Study

Publication Date: 
June 2012

The words of the Guyanese poet Martin Carter in “Death of a Comrade” seemed quite apt for the time of grief, bereavement, and remembrance of the woman to whom the paper is dedicated. This paper is writen in memory of a woman who became a lawyer and patriot, and who pursued justice to the end of her days. She was one of those Jamaicans who went to England as a child and returned as a professional to build her homeland. She returned and contributed in many ways at the University of Technology as a lecturer, as a human rights campaigner with the United Nations and in the field of legal aid. She reared her family and, in spite of the loss of her son through a brutal act of murder, she kept the faith until her own life was taken.

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