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conflict resolution

Dealing with violence and aggression in the classroom: Some suggestions

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This paper targets educators who wish to grapple with the problem of violence and aggression in the classroom. Its focus is geared to helping them to acquire basic skills and knowledge necessary to design and implement effective instructional and classroom management practices which will address the needs of the student in an holistic manner, socially, morally and academically. The pro-social aspects of the students' training must be the subject of considerable attention and the humanistic aspect must be meaningfully dealt with.

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Integration of Peace Education in the Mathematics Curriculum: Impact on Students’ Performance, Peace Knowledge, and Conflict Resolution Skills


This quasi-experimental mixed method research attempts to investigate the effects of integrating peace education into the mathematics curriculum. A sample of 4 classes from 4 sample secondary schools in representative areas of Jamaica was selected. The treatment involved integrating peace education into a unit of mathematics lessons on statistics. The quantitative data were obtained through pre-test and post-test on mathematics. Qualitative data were obtained through interviews, student questionnaire surveys, classroom observation, and student and teachers’ reflections.

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