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The Treatment of Jamaican Creole by Curriculum Writers and Selected Teachers of English

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This research investigated curriculum provisions made for the treatment of Jamaican Creole (JC) throughout the education system in Jamaica and the views and practices of teachers involved in the delivery of Language Arts throughout that system; providing insights of the research gained through classroom observation with regard to the efficacy of teachers' practices in relation to these provisions; and highlighting the significance of the insights gained for language education planners in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and the territories outside of the Caribbean, which share similar language

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Implementing the School-based Assessment in English in Jamaica: Teachers’ Perceptions, Preparedness and Challenges


This study investigated the perceptions, preparedness of, and the challenges encountered by teachers of English as they implemented the CSEC English SBA in Jamaican secondary schools for the first time. Data collected through a survey of 124 randomly selected teachers of English and analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-Tests, ANOVA, and crosstabulations showed that teachers had a predominantly negative perception of the CSEC English SBA. This negative perception was strongly and positively associated with the teachers’ being unprepared to implement the English SBA.

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