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Camille Berry

Massive Open Online Courses: A Source of Effective Professional Development for In-service Teachers

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The ever-changing needs of society justify the necessity for teachers to engage in continuous learning. Teachers are encouraged to participate in professional development activities that will help them develop the knowledge and skills that are required to meet the needs of a 21st century society.

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Reconceptualizing and Infusing STEM in the Early Childhood Jamaican Classroom

SKU: JEDIC-1801-2

Despite the increased popularity of STEM education worldwide, there is much haziness about what constitutes STEM education. This theoretical paper seeks to stimulate discussion on what STEM is and how it should be implemented. It positions an integrated STEM approach as foundational to education but advocates a shift from the compartmentalized focus on the silos of subject disciplines to one that is phenomenon-based.

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Price: Free
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