Hall Staff and Administrative Team

Student Services and Development Manager (SSDM)


Name: Dr. Lindy Anthony Jones [Dip.Ed.(Hons), BA (Hons), Ph.D.]
Main Portfolio: Student Services & Development Manager
Secondary Portfolio: Adjunct Lecturer - Spanish Literatures
Nationality: Jamaican
Main Areas of Interest: Student Affairs, Programme Development, Academic Support, Staff Training & Development, Events Planning, Afro-Cuban & Latin American Literatures, English Language Education, Spanish Language Education.

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Resident Advisors (RA's)

Preston Hall's team of Resident Advisors serve as the link between the SSDM and the students and assist in overseeing the affairs of the hall. To carry out this mandate, they are each assigned to specific programmes and Hall Committee positions.

Each resident advisor is also attached to a cluster.


Name: Desireina Delancy [BSc. (Hons), MPhil (pending)]
Main Portfolio Responsibility: Clusters Burgplatz, Belgique and Olympia; First Year Experience Programme, Environmental Programme, 
Nationality: Trinbagonian
Field of Study: Virology and Entomology
Main Area(s) of Interest: Outreach Programmes, Event Planning, Modelling, Baking, Public Relations, Drama, Environmental Policies

Position: Senior Resident Advisor


Name: Tahir Thompson [LLB (Hons), MSc. (pending)]


Main Portfolio Responsibilities: Clusters Einheit and Shamrock;  Preston Entertainment and Cultural Ensemble (P.E.A.C.E.), Residential Leadership, Preston Short Film Competiton

Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: Law, Government
Main Area(s) of Interest: Performing Arts, Chorale Music, Public Speaking

  Name: Briana Russell [BSc. MSc. (Pending)
Main Portfolio Responsibilites: Italia and Regensen; Health and Wellness, Drink Right
Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: Higher Educational Management 
Main Area(s) of Interest: 

Name: Alex Reid  [BSc (Hons), MSc. (pending)]
Main Portfolio Responsibilites: ClusterLos Matadores and Porto Santo; Preston Media, Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Committee
Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: Public Development Management
Main Area(s) of Interest: 



Name: er [LLB, MSc. (pending)]

Main Portfolio Responsibilities: Clusters Amsterdam and La Maison; Second Year Experience, Honour Society,

Nationality: Jamaican

Field of Study: Law, Public Management  
Main Area(s) of Interest: 




Name: Deidre-Ann Burrell  [BA, MSc. (pending)]

Main Portfolio Responsibilities: Clusters Sherwood Manor and Vikings; COVID19 Task Force, Third Year Experience 

Nationality: Jamaican

Field of Study: 
Main Area(s) of Interest: 


Supporting Staff

Preston Hall's outstanding support staff includes our Administrative Secretary, our Operations Supervisor and our Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor.
  Name: Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson
Main Portfolio: Administrative Secretary (Acting)
Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: Human Resource Management
Main Area(s) of Interest: Human Resource Management, Public Relations

  Name: Marlon Virtue [Dip.Ed., BA, MSc]
Main Portfolio: Operations Supervisor
Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: Natural Resource Management
Main Area(s) of Interest: Disaster Management
  Name: Mark Mitchell
Main Portfolio: Courier Attendnat 
Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: 
Main Area(s) of Interest: 

Student-Led Hall Committee

Hall Committee, under the Guild of Students, includes young, dynamic and multi-talented residents who are all committed to representing the students of Aston Preston Hall. The Committee is led by the Hall Chairman and Deputy Hall Chairman

Name: Onalie Lares
Main Portfolio: Hall Chairperson
Nationality: Antigua
Field of Study: International Relations
Main Area(s) of Interest:                                                                                                                                 


Name: Janieve Watson 
Main Portfolio: Deputy Hall Chairperson
Nationality: Jamaican
Field of Study: Banking and Finance
Main Area(s) of Interest: