Hall Programmes

The Aston Preston Hall Environment Programme is an exciting initiative which makes caring for the environment fun. It incorporates practical environmentally friendly tips for students residing in a... Learn more
The Aston Preston Hall Leadership Development Programme aims at enhancing leadership skills among residential students who chair or sit on various student-led committees. This initiative focuses... Learn more
The Aston Preston Hall Volunteerism & Outreach Programme aims to create social awareness and empathy through civic engagement. This comprises of two main initiatives: The Craig Town Mentorship... Learn more
The First Year Experience Programme in Aston Preston Hall aims to develop and implement a comprehensive, coordinated approach toward the first-year experience through creating learning... Learn more
The Second-Year Transformative Experience Programme (S.T.E.P) in the Aston Preston Hall aims to develop and implement a comprehensive coordinated approach toward the second year experience. The... Learn more
The Third Year Experience Programme is an enhancement and rehabilitative initiative. It focuses specifically on finalising students residing in Aston Preston Hall and seeks to address... Learn more
Aston Preston Hall, affectionately known as the Cultural Mecca of the University, is home of the Preston Entertainment and Cultural Ensemble (PEACE), the body which specialises in developing a... Learn more
The Aston Preston Hall’s Health and Wellness Programme, ‘Pursuing You’, consists of a series of physical, spiritual, social and intellectual activities that will help to target the problem areas in... Learn more
The Fine Dining & Etiquette Programme is designed to help students develop the various skills associated with formal dining and etiquette in the areas of dress, appropriate use of tableware,... Learn more
What is Shark Radio? Shark Radio is a programme that will be broadcasted on the Aston Preston Hall intercom system three times per week. It is a student-oriented programme that caters to the... Learn more