Hall Clusters

Aston Preston Hall accommodates three hundred and thirty two (332) students across thirteen (13) clusters. It also has eight (8) flats which accommodate the six (6) Resident Advisors, the Hall Chairman and the Operations Supervisor. Each cluster, which is given its name based on a European sponsor Country, has four (4) households, each housing six (6) to eight (8) students. Residents in a household share bathroom, lounge area and a kitchenette.

The Hall comprises one hundred and sixteen (116) double occupancy rooms and ninety one (91) single occupancy rooms.

Each cluster is overseen by a Resident Advisor and a student leader referred to as a Cluster representative. In addition to participating in the general hall activities and programmes, each cluster has its unique identity and undertakes various initiatives to foster bonding and communal learning among its residents.

For the purpose of inter-hall competitions, the clusters are divided into four (4) zones: Zones 1 to 4.