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Caribbean Disaster Information Network

Virtual Disaster Library Books

Title Authors Publisher Location
Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Overview of Risk Céline Charvériat Inter-American Development Bank, Research Department Online
Strengthening of risk assessment and multi-hazard early warning systems for meteorological, hydrological and climate hazards in the Caribbean World Meterological Organization World Meterological Organization Online
Primer on Natural Hazard Management in Integrated Regional Development Planning Organization of American States Organization of American States Online
Flood Risk Management: Hazards, Vulnerability and Mitigation Measures Jochen Schanze Springer Online
Be expert with map & compass: The complete orienteering handbook Björn Kjellström Macmillan CARDIN
Active Tectonics: Earthquake, Uplift, and Landscape Edward A. Keller Prentice Hall Online & CARDIN
At risk: Natural hazards, people's vulnerability and disasters Ben Wisner Routledge Online & Mona, Science and Engineering Branch Library: Reserve Book Collection (RBC)
Earthquake resistance design David J. Dowrick John Wiley & Sons Online & Mona, Science and Engineering Branch Library
Earthquakes and tsunamis civil engineering disaster mitigation activities implementing millennium development goals A. Tugrul Tankut Springer Online & Mona, Science and Engineering Branch Library
Fire: A brief history Stephen J. Pyne University of Washington Press Mona, Main Library: Open Shelf


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