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Dr. Donna MinnottKates
Dr. Donna Minott Kates
Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry, a dynamic and growing department, the graduates of which are among the most employable in the sciences. Our graduates have and continue to enjoy great success in research, industrial, academic and allied carriers, thanks to our hard-working staff who have and continue to push for excellence in the intellectual development of our students.

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The Department of Chemistry currently offers undergraduate programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Some programmes are offered in collaboration with other departments.


Undergraduate Programmes


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Graduate Programmes


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Recent News

LifeSavers: Wipes that can tell if you are unwell

THE latest in the line of personal hygiene products, LifeSavers Wipes, is a set of wipes that can indicate to its user if there are any irregularities in their urine.

March 28, 2022


Mar 31
Testing a Model of Risk Perception as a Mediator for Group-level Safety Climate and Safety Behaviour
Venue: TBA
Jan 10
Better Process Control School (BPCS)
Aug 09
Mona Symposium
Venue: UWI Mona


Weekly Seminars Thursday at 11:00 am

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