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What if I miss my exam due to lack of registration and financial clearance?

Note that no special arrangements will be made for any component of a course which was missed due to the lack of registration/financial clearance.

I have a payment plan with the University, what are the requirements for me to sit exams?

Students who are already on an existing Installment Plan may engage the Student Administrative Services Section (SASS) to adjust existing payment deadlines. All installment payments must be completed before the start of the examination period.

I am being funded by the SLB, what are the financial requirements for me to sit exams?

Students who have been verified as being approved for Student Loans or other approved scholarships/grants will be able to sit their exams once the scholarship/grant covers their outstanding balance.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, will I be required to have financial clearance to sit exams?

Students admitted in the 2018-2019 and the 2019-2020 academic years are required to be registered and financially cleared for the current semester before commencing final examinations. Financial Clearance will now be dependent on the following conditions:

If I have an outstanding balance, will I be able to register for Semester Two (2)?

Students are required to clear their outstanding fees (Tuition and Miscellaneous) for Semester One in order to register for Semester Two.

I am not registered; how will get I access course content?

Given that some students are still not registered and will therefore not be able to access course content on our online platform, the Campus has decided to waive the Late Registration Fee of J$4,000 allowing students, who have not already done so, to register. The fee will be waived for registration between March 15th and the end of teaching (date to be confirmed).

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