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GPA Scheme

Undergraduate Scheme     Graduate Scheme    
Grade Grade Point % Range Grade Grade Point % Range
A+ 4.30 90-100 A+ 4.30 90-100
A 4.00 80-89 A 4.00 80-89
A- 3.70 75-79 A- 3.70 75-79
B+ 3.30 70-74 B+ 3.30 70-74
B 3.00 65-69 B 3.00 65-69
B- 2.70 60-64 B- 2.70 60-64
C+ 2.30 55-59 C+ 2.30 55-59
C 2.00 50-54 C 2.00 50-54
F1 1.70 40-49 F1 1.70 40-49
F2 1.30 30-39 F2 1.30 30-39
F3 0.00 0-29 F3 0.00 0-29
      FE/FC 1.70 >= 50


Note: Students failing a component (coursework or exam) of a course but receiving an overall mark of 50 or more will be entitled to a grade of FC/FE. The Grade Descriptors provided clarify the standards embodied by each letter grade.

The major difference in the new graduate scheme as compared to the old is in the percentage grading bands. The current grading scheme for graduate courses is:

A = 70%+ ; B+ = 60-69% ; B = 50-59% ; F = 0-49%


  1. The GPA system will apply to PG Certificates, PG Diplomas, Master’s and Professional Doctorates.
  2. The grade point/percentage bands as shown in the Table 1 (Graduate Scheme) above should apply. These are identical with the bands for the undergraduate GPA.
  3. The descriptors which apply for the relevant range of marks are attached in Appendix 1.
  4. The Minimum GPA needed for a student to graduate is 2.00 (C).
  5. All coursework done for graduate credit is also computed in the GPA.
  6. A student who fails any element of a course that counts towards the final grade (whether coursework or final examination) will be deemed to have failed that course and will be assigned the grade FC or FE (Fail Coursework, Fail Exam), even if they obtain an overall mark of 50% or higher. A student who passes an element of a course but does not obtain an overall mark of 50 or higher, will fall into the grade category in the grade scale in alignment with the mark achieved i.e., F1, F2. F3.
  7. Academic standing will be based on the Semester GPA. If a student’s Semester GPA falls below 2.0, the student will be given a warning in the first semester. If the student’s GPA falls below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters, the student will be “required to withdraw”.
  8. Distinction will be awarded on the basis of a Programme GPA of 3.70 (an A- average).
  9. Merit will be awarded if the student’s GPA Average is 3.00-3.69
  10. Pass will be awarded for students whose GPA falls below the B+ average (i.e., 2.0-2.99).
  11. Research Project will be considered another course and will NOT require Distinction scores separately for the project - for the overall distinction.
  12. The new GPA system will only apply to newly admitted students. All continuing students will be assessed under the existing system and will not fall under the GPA system.
  13. Departmental pre-requisites should not impact on a student’s GPA, and grading should be based on pass/fail. Non-GPA courses for each programme must be clearly indicated.
  14. The GPA system will come into effect from academic year 2021-2022.
  15. The Regulations requiring amendments in order to ensure conformity towards implementing GPA have been approved BGSR.
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