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This course focuses on the diverse currents of Caribbean Thought, which have influenced the development of Caribbean societies from colonialism to independence. Taking up from Gordon Lewis' Main Currents in Caribbean Thought, the course examines the central ideological currents of Twentieth Century political thought in the region and covers Nationalism, Pan‐Africanism, Marxism, Feminism, Democratic Socialism and Neo‐conservatism. Among some of thinkers considered are Marcus Garvey, George Padmore, C.L.R. James, Franz Fanon, Walter Rodney, Fidel Castro, Michael Manley and Bob Marley. Other themes will be drawn from a selection of contemporary newspaper columnists, talk‐show hosts and the ideas behind the major international agencies and institutions, which have shaped postindependence policies. The selection of thinkers and social movements to be examined will vary with each semester.

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