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Welcome to Leslie Robinson Hall


Dear Resident:

We are excited that you have joined us! This represents a new chapter in your life – one that promises to be both exciting and challenging as this period of transition will require you to rethink your approach and embrace new ways of doing things. The journey will expose you to new cultures, different circumstances and new people.

The Leslie Robinson Hall (LRH) is a living learning community that provides programmes and activities to enhance the overall development of its residents; these complement classroom learning and produce well-rounded students. The LRH is the home of the Phoenix and takes pride in its student centred approach to residential life; this means that your growth and development is at the centre of our activities. The LRH is here to help you transition fully into the university experience.

Welcome future phoenixes to the Leslie Robinson Hall - your hall of choice.

Roger Bent

Student Services and Development Manager

The Leslie Robinson Hall

The Leslie Robinson Hall is designed for you and is the preferred choice for the savvy, contemporary resident. It affords you a varied social life, top-notch security and a sense of independence. A mere 5 minutes walk from most places on campus; we are the place of choice for housing, comfort and recreation. The aim of the LRH programme initiatives: To promote student success by offering a wide range of opportunities for students to develop socially, personally, and professionally as a complement to the formal academic experience. The experiences offered should, in conjunction with the academic experience, shape the distinctive graduate: one who exemplifies the following attributes:

  •  A critical and creative thinker
  •  An effective communicator with good interpersonal skills
  •  IT skilled and information literate
  •  Innovative and entrepreneurial
  •  Globally aware and well-grounded in his/her regional identity
  •  Socially and culturally and environmentally responsible
  • and guided by strong ethical values.

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The Hall Song

Hasten to Battle, Ye Hall of the Phoenix Arms in Arms we triumph over all Victory or Defeat we still still be standing Paying homage to our great wall Unity and justice rising to the sky we set ablaze for legends we are, legends we'll be Together we will rise

The Hall Pledge

From this forward. I rise from the ash and become a new flame. I pledge to shine with the exemplary confidence and passion representative of the phoenix. I promise to dominate academically and physically with the flame that burns within me.

I will protect my brothers and sisters as we lift each other to rise above all oponents. I promise to take this flame with me forever as I ignite the world and make it a better place. Hall of the phoenix. I answer your call.

Hall Management

Mr. Roger Bent
Student Services and Development Manager
Job Description

Provides management support focused on enhancing the experience and growth of residents through social and cultural initiatives

Coniel Roye
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Administration, Public Relations, Publications, Finance and Secretariat

Esrick Atkinson
Resident Advisor
Job Description

First Year Experience and Leadership. Attached to Block Arcadia

Marissa Stubs
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Health and Wellness and External Affairs. Attached to Block Chol

Tiffany Anderson
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Culture and Entertainment/Block Bennu

Faculty Advisors are appointed and led by the UWI to facilitate student enhancement and development on hall.


Justice Okeugo
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Academic Support, Second Year Experience and Third Year Experience

Chevaughn Witter
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Sports. Attached to Block Chol.

Sydney St. Clair Douglas
Hall Chairperson
Job Description


Khrystal Walcott
Deputy Chairperson
Job Description


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Outside View
Outside View
Leslie Robinson Hall
Single Room
Fully Furnished
Multipurpose Room
Fully furnished
Dining Room
This is the Dining Room
A view of the Kitchen



This programme is designed to introduce our first year residents to the hall community and the rich culture that exists at the university

First Year Experience Programme (FYE)

The FYE is a development programme aimed through combination of social and academic activities

The Leadership programme

The LRH is the hub of many leadership activities.

External Activities

A strong value for the phoenix is social responsibility

Health & Wellness

The LRH epitomizes a positive worldview, and its health and wellness programme is a testament to such.

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