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Study Abroad/ Exchange Programmes

MonaLaw students can participate in the Student Exchange programme for a Semester or Academic Year during Level II and Semester I of Level III. A student may opt to study at either of the two other UWI campuses; Cave Hill or St. Augustine or at any university with which the University has a Memorandum of Understanding. To qualify to participate, students are required to maintain a “B” average.

The students who are selected to participate are expected to follow a programme comprising courses totaling 13-15 credits. These courses must be approved by the Dean. No fees are payable to the host university. However, students must fund their own living expenses for the semester. Students in need of financial assistance may apply to the UWI. Students are required to pay their annual fees to the UWI as usual.

Grades obtained at the host university will be taken into account in the award of the UWI, LLB degree.

For more information on current Study Abroad opportunities offered by MonaLaw, please contact Mrs. Yasheka Walters-Ellis at For additional information on participating universities, please visit the International Students Office website at

My studying abroad experience by Susan Johnson, MonaLaw Alumna

During the first semester of my third year at MonaLaw, I had the opportunity to participate in the Emerging Leaders of the Americas Program and was among the first cohort of students to study abroad under the student exchange agreement between The University of the West Indies (The “UWI”) and the University of New Brunswick (“UNB”).

Despite the claims that the student exchange program would “ruin my GPA” and hurt my chances of attaining a first class honours degree, I embarked on a path that brought me well beyond my physical and mental capacity. Driven by the need to confront challenges in an environment that was well outside of my comfort zone, I learned quickly to embrace change, and among other things, developed a greater appreciation for cultural diversity.

Studying abroad isn’t just about the opportunity to travel to an interesting new place. Yes, it is all that and much more. Having to depend almost entirely on strangers who helped me navigate a new social setting, challenged and honed my trust for others, increased my faith and helped me embrace all that the study abroad experience had to offer. I developed courage, and a new level of discipline and focus, despite the physical and mental stress that came with living in a new environment, especially one with unfriendly weather. Humility, autonomy, kindness and generosity were qualities I either garnered or honed by studying abroad and having to learn a new culture and navigate a different and new social and intellectual setting, away from friends or family or anything familiar.

The sky is the limit” is not just a saying! Studying abroad, simply put, made me a better student and a “more rounded” individual. I returned home, completed my LLB at MonaLaw and then transferred into the Juris Doctor Program at UNB…. and the rest is history.

My experience was challenging but priceless. I now practice Corporate and Tax Law at one of the top 25 largest business law firms in Canada, and recently, I was appointed on the Canadian Bar Association National Board of Directors and will begin my two-year term in September 2020. This is where I am at now, in a journey that began with one study abroad opportunity.”

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