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Minor in Law

The Minor in Law allows all candidates reading majors in other disciplines to augment their studies with law, contributing to more rounded graduates. In addition, courses in law will be especially useful to candidates contemplating a career in government or commerce.

Candidates who have acquired the Minor in Law, and who later contemplate a career in law, will be able to complete the LLB degree in a shorter time, having already acquired a number of the required LLB credits in the mix-degree.

The Minor in Law programme requires that candidates complete nine (9) credits in introductory law and legal methods, six (6) credits from a restricted list of PART 2 LLB courses, and six (6) additional credits from courses not already read from the lists of PART 2 and PART 3 LLB courses.  The final selection of courses from PART 2 and PART 3 requires consultation and approval by the Faculty of Law.

Minimum Number of Credits for Minor in Law:

PART 1 -  - 9 credits (from 2 Level I courses)
PART 2 - - 6 credits (from 2 out of 4 Level II courses)
PART 3 - -  9 credits (any 3 Level II or III courses)

Admission Requirements

The Faculty of Law has no special subject requirement to read for the Minor in Law. Candidates must satisfy the matriculation requirements of their Faculty.

List of Courses Prescribed for the Minor in Law

Part I (9 credits in total)

Students must complete:

LAW1010 - Law and Legal Systems (3 credits)

LAW1231 - Legal Methods, Research & Writing I (3 credits)

LAW1232 - Legal Methods, Research & Writing II (3 credits)

Part II (6 credits in total)

Students must complete any two (2) courses from the following list of courses: 

LAW2510 - Jurisprudence (3 credits)

LAW2310 - Public International Law I (3 credits)

LAW2320 - Public International Law II (3 credits)

LAW2910 - Commonwealth Caribbean Human Rights Law (3 credits)

Part III (9 credits in total)

Students must complete any three (3) courses from Level II or III, subject to the approval of the Board of the Faculty of Law.

Course Offerings

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