Professor Shazeeda Ali

Professor Shazeeda Ali
Dean, Professor of Corporate and Financial Law
LL.B. (Hons) (UWI) LL.M. (Cantab) Ph.D. (Lond)
Professional Qualifications: 
Research Area: 
Corporate Misconduct Law, Law of Ethics, Financial Services Regulation
Courses taught or to be taught: 
Public International Law
Introduction to Offshore Law
Law of Restitution
Caribbean Securities Regulation
Supervised Independent Research Paper
Editor: S. Ali, The Ethical Lawyer: A Caribbean Perspective (Sweet & Maxwell Limited, September 2015) 600 pages
Editor: S. Ali, Risky Business: Perspectives on Corporate Misconduct (Caribbean Law Publishing Company, Kingston, July 2010) 394 pages
S. Ali, Money Laundering Control in the Caribbean (Kluwer Law International, London, May 2003) 310 pages
Chapter in Books: 
S. Ali, “Money Laundering in Jamaica: Risks, Challenges, Response” in Ali, S. (ed.), “Risky Business: Perspectives on Corporate Misconduct” (2010, 262-295)
S. Ali, ‘Re-Defining Stewardship? Journal of Financial Crime’ (Vol. 19 (2) May 2012, 225-226)
S. Ali, ‘Trouble in Paradise? Combating the Scourge of Financial Crime in Jamaica’ West Indian Law Journal Special Issue on Financial Crime in Jamaica (Vol. 36(2) October 2011, 29-43)
S. Ali, ‘Controlling Serious Financial Crime: A Jamaican Perspective Economic Affairs’ (Vol. 27(1) March 2007, 14-17) 3
S. Ali, ‘Jamaica: “Shhh…it’s Secret Money”: Lawyers, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Journal of Money Laundering Control’ (Volume 9(3) 2006, 272-280)
S. Ali, ‘Market Abuse: It’s Not Just a Wall Street Thing The Company Lawyer’ (July 2006, 222-224)