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Master of Arts - Literatures in English

Academic Aims and Objectives

The academic purpose of   the MA in Literatures in English programme is to prepare students for (a) further scholarly and academic research in a doctoral programme, (b) teaching at the secondary and /or tertiary level, and (c) working in related careers such as publishing, mass media, library and information studies, public relations, and the creative industries.

On successful completion of the programme, students should:

  •     Have a solid grounding in literary studies and demonstrate knowledge of major periods, theories, methodologies, movements and genres in postcolonial and Caribbean literatures.
  •     Have an enhanced awareness of the theoretical and cultural contexts of literary work
  •     Demonstrate sophisticated rhetorical skills of critical analysis, argumentation, and explication
  •     Demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research, by contributing original work to the field, and engaging the theoretical discussions central to the field.
  •     Be able to independently design and teach secondary and tertiary level courses    in literature
  •     Apply acquired knowledge and critical and creative skills in relevant professional and occupational contexts

Programme Details

Delivery Mode of Programme: Face-to-face

Total Credits: 36 credits consisting of seven courses ( 6 four-credit courses + 1 three-credit course) and final Research Paper (9 credits)

Duration of programme: 16 months (FT), maximum of 36 months - including Research Paper (PT)

Programme: Students are required to read seven (7) courses and to write a Research Paper (LITS6000) of between 16,000 - 20,000 words.

Duration: Full-time students are expected to complete the programme in 16 months.  Part-time students are expected to do so in 24 - 36 months.

Teaching:  For each course there will be one three-hour contact period per week.

Outline of Course of Study

Requirements: Two Core Courses; five Electives; one final Research Paper.


1. LITS6001: Twentieth-Century Literary Theory 2. LITS6690: Research Methods in Literary Discourse ELECTIVES

Do any Five of the following:

Mona Literatures in English Courses:

  • 1. LITS6004: Caribbean Poetics
  • 2. LITS6105: Postcolonial Literatures and Theories
  • 3. LITS6202: Women, Fiction and Gender
  • 4. LITS6203: Women, Poetry and Gender
  • 5. LITS6404: Postcolonialism and Shakespeare Criticism
  • 6. LITS6501: Special Topics in West Indian Literature
  • 7. LITS6701: Modern African Literature


8. A pre-­‐existing postgraduate course in the Discipline (may be   taught as an Independent Reading Course)

9. TWO approved Electives from other programmes (e.g. Language, Linguistics, and Philosophy, School of Education, Gender Studies, Institute of Caribbean Studies)


Research Paper of 16,000-­‐ 20,000 words is compulsory


Student performance is primarily assessed through coursework assignments, but written examinations are part of the assessment for some of the courses.

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