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The origins of the Mona Campus Research Ethics Committee of the University of the West Indies date back to the early 1970's with the formation of the University Hospital (UHWI) Ethical Committee which was created to consider hospital-based proposals and ethical problems in clinical management.

On February 27, 1986 the Faculty Board establishd the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) to deal with Research Ethics. In 1986, the FMS/UHWI Ethics Committee was formed by merging the Ethics Committee of FMS and the research component of the UHWI's Ethics Committee. At that time an Ethics Committee handbook was written as a guide for the Faculty of Medical Sciences and between 1999 and 2000 the Committee distributed a booklet on Guidelines for the conduct of Research on Human subjects to all the departments in FMS.

The first UWI Policy on Research Ethics was approved in 1998 and revised in February  2011. The revised policy of 2011 mandated the establishment of a Campus Research Ethics Commitee for each Campus of the UWI which would review research proposals on human and animal subjects. This policy heralded the formation of Mona Campus Research Ethics Committee. The long established FMS/UHWI Ethics Commmitee was transformed and renamed the Mona Campus Research Ethics Committee, with an expanded role to review all research affiliated with the Mona Campus and; the Committee has representatives from all UWI Faculties.

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