Digital Content Creation

Video RecordingActivities undertaken in this area include:

  • Video recording and live streaming of UWI events in order to maintain institutional memory and provide a wider audience than would normally be possible.
  • Post-production on video recorded from events to provide custom features and professional packaging.
  • Media digitization (conversion from analog to digital). There are hundreds of analog media still being used for teaching, learning and archival. As these have a limited shelf-life, it is important to have them digitized and stored on more permanent media.


UWItv is the University's resource for online video content delivery. The service allows users to both view events live as well as via archived content stored on our servers.

Live Steaming

UWItv ScreenshotFor live events, viewers are able to watch events taking place on the campus under the auspices of the University. These may include annual events such as the graduation and matriculation ceremonies as well as one-off events such as open lectures put on by the various faculties and student groupings. If you are interested in having your event streamed live, email us at iss-servicerequest [at] uwimona [dot] edu [dot] jm.


As with live streaming, the on-demand capabilities of the system allows departments within the university to upload content for public viewing. Additionally, when content is viewed live, it will be stored on our servers for playback for viewers to watch whenever they want.

Visit the UWItv website at