Programming and Administration of the Virtual Learning Environment

Activities undertaken in this area include:

  • Administration, maintenance and development of the Mona campus's LMS and related e-learning environments (D-Space, Open Journaling System, Turnitin, LimeSurvey, Web-conferencing, Online Examination Platform).
  • The development of custom applications to support online teaching and learning.
  • Generating activity and usage reports.

E-Learning Support

Activities undertaken in this area include:

  • The investigation, analysis and subsequent development of cutting edge technologies that may impact teaching and learning at the UWI campus.
  • Consultation sessions and workshops to provide assistance with online course development for lecturers.
  • Provisioning and maintenance of online documentation to support the use of the Virtual Learning Environment.


OURVLE ScreenshotOurVLE is a dynamic course management system that was adopted from Moodle open software. This name is particularly significant as it signifies both the ownership and a description of the system. The initial 'Our' in OurVLE refers to the UWI community which the system was customized and implemented to serve; and the 'VLE' is an abbreviation for Virtual Learning Environment. The 'VLE' also expounds on the idea that OurVLE is an online teaching-learning system.

OurVLE comprises a vast number of tools and specialized applications which allows the course to be extended onto the web. Hence, a common learning space is created for both students and instructors to interact synchronously and asynchronously, to collaborate during the learning process and to have access to their course resources through a variety of media. Using OurVLE, you can post news items, assign and collect assignments, maintain your blog and post electronic journals and resources, and much more.

Visit the OurVLE website at