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Research is an organized and systematic way of finding answers to questions. Research and instruction are inextricably intertwined and the artificial distinctions between the two are counterproductive (National Science and Technology Council—USA). It is based on that link that the importance of “new knowledge” must be stressed. The responsibility, therefore, lies with institutions such as the University of the West Indies to encourage research, in its bid to reaffirm the University’s commitment to adding new knowledge to education and the society at large.

The Mona Office for Research and Innovation is committed to working along with faculty members in an effort to fulfil our mandate of strengthening research at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

To contribute to the responsible stewardship of the Campus’ academic and intellectual assets and by means of strategic investments in research initiatives, create a sustainable programme of development and research.


  • Identifying funding opportunities and promoting them to UWI’s researchers
  • Liaising with funding sources and partners on behalf of researchers
  • Reviewing and approving all research proposals before submission to external entities
  • Reviewing and signing research proposals on behalf of the University or as a delegate of the Campus Principal
  • Comprehensive application guides
  • Workshops, information sessions, agency site visits and grantsmanship to help researchers understand policies and requirements
  • Patent applications
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