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  1. Collect list of Funding Agencies from the Mona Office for Research and Innovation or select a possible Funding Agency from the internet or visit or wesite at www.mona.uwi/mori for a listing of possible funding agencies and the type of research they fund
  2. Download the Application Form from the Agency’s website
  3. Complete Application Form
  4. Attach Application Form to a copy of the Project Proposal
  5. Forward both application and proposal to MORI
  6. The application along with the Project Proposal will be thoroughly perused by MORI to determine if it complies with the guidelines as set out by the Funding Agency to which you are applying. The application will also be perused for typographical errors 
  7. If there are no errors, MORI will send the application and the proposal with a cover letter to the Funding Agency
  8. If the Agency agrees to fund the project, a Memorandum of Understanding will be sent to MORI
  9. When this is received, the relevant signatories will be asked to affix their signatures and the signed document returned to the
  10. Funding Agency.

  11. The Funding Agency will then disburse the agreed upon amount over the agreed upon period
  12. The Mona Office for Research and Innovation will monitor the project to ensure guidelines are being followed and deadlines are being met.
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