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The Centre of Excellence and Innovation (CoEI) is involved in a number of innovative projects that demonstrate the value of Open Source tools and applications to rapidly develop and deliver business value. Some examples include:


The Caribbean School of Data (CSOD)

The Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) is an initiative of the Caribbean Open Institute (COI), that seeks to develop a comprehensive and sustainable ‘digital/data literacy’ programme aimed at underserved populations within the Caribbean, with the goal of building a stronger data culture and creating essential employment skills for the emerging digital economy. The CSOD believes in alleviating data poverty across the region and seeks to impact young men and women in Caribbean countries. Currently, the CSOD has implemented initiatives in Jamaica, Guyana, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. 



Digital Media and Information Literacy Framework (DMIL)

The Broadcasting Commission has declared that Jamaica, "needs citizens who are highly internet-literate, are confident creators and consumers of content, and have the technical and social skills needed to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution." Furthermore, according to the Broadcasting Commission, in Jamaica, many of the current educational systems, legislation, policies and regulations are already obsolete and will not support Jamaica's transition to a digital society. In response, the Broadcasting Commission and UNESCO have committed to the development of a unified Digital, Media and Information Literacy Skills (DMIL) Framework, which will inform the design of tools to better measure and support DMIL among Jamaicans. These tools will be used to establish baseline data on the current national levels of literacy, which will in-turn inform the creation of a national policy and related curricular guidelines that address deficiencies in DMIL that exist in Jamaica. The CoEI has been providing research and administrative support to the Project.



Global Data Barometer (GDB)

The Global Data Barometer (GDB) is an ambitious multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to establish a new global benchmark for data governance, data capabilities, data availability, and data use for the public good. The Caribbean Open Institute, in partnership with MSBM and other partners, has been providing research support for the Initiative.



Partnership with the National Statistics Office, Jamaica

The CoEI has also established an active Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), the National Statistics Office in Jamaica in support of “Data for Development”. A significant initiative with implications for sustainability is the development of the Jamaica SDG National Reporting Platform (NRP) using the Open SDG Open Source platform.