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We have Solutions for your Organization


The Mona School of Business and Management, Professional Services Unit is your premier training and research partner, focused on developing the most effective teams for efficient organizations. 

Driven by meticulous research, our insight into global and regional business issues and most importantly solutions makes us your essential partner.

Committed to the continued development of your organization, we provide tailor-made solutions for your business objectives. We design high impact programmes customized to meet the needs of organizations and associations.

MSBM is an Authorized Traning Partner with The Project Management Institute.

Customised training is comprised of:

  1. Short courses delivered “as is” from the scheduled courses to client organisations
  2. Short courses based on modifications to the contents of scheduled courses
  3. Short courses designed to fit the special needs of clients
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Effective communication is integral to successful businesses. Equip yourself and your teams with the know-how necessary to unearth the full potential of your organization. Our business communication course is packaged to provide thorough and comprehensive communication knowledge.

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables an entity to determine its overall risk appetite, and to incorporate policies and procedures that manage risk exposure within such an appetite. The result is a more robust risk management framework, which, for a public sector entity, increases cost-effectiveness that is as important as profit-maximization for the private firm.

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Financial Management

The programme gives an introduction to financial management that will allow participants to understand basic accounting conventions, bookkeeping and other financial concepts which will assist the Non-Financial Manager to better administer their non-financial portfolio.



Leadership and Management


Develop top talent and inspire your team to success by honing your leadership and management skills in light of the challenges of leading a successful team in an ever-changing environment.

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Project Management

Management plays a vital role in an organization's development. It encompasses the fundamental elements of planning, organizing, controlling, coordinating and motivating. The use of Project Management has a proven track record of creating the required changes within an organization.  Mona School of Business and Management is an Authorized Training Partner with the Project Management Institute (PMI) delivering world-class project management training and education.

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