New Student Orientation 

The annual Orientation programme signals the start of a new academic year. The program facilitates the  necessary adjustment process that all new students must go through as they make that the transition from high school to university (traditional students); from a situation of work and maybe being in charge, to the status of a student (mature students); from ones native land to a new country (non-Jamaican students) and to an institution with a different approach to learning and development from that encountered at the high school level. With the above in mind each year, the Office of Student Services, in collaboration with Faculty, Student Affairs, Student Leaders and the Public Relations Office develop and implement an orientation programme based on the following objectives:        

  •      To welcome students and to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and trusting. 
  •      Through academic advising and career counselling, to help new students choose appropriate course options relevant to their career choice.
  •        To help students understand the structure of the institution – Halls, Faculties, Departments, Guild of Students, Campus, University.
  •        To acquaint students with the layout of the Campus.
  •       To acquaint students with the regulations governing Campus facilities and activities e.g. Halls of residence, health centre, libraries, examinations, faculty offices, use of the shuttle bus and registration.
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Hall Orientation

The objectives of the orientation, earlier identified, are to be met in the Halls through Hall specific programmes. The Hall orientation programmes are planned and delivered by the Student Services and Development Managers in collaboration with the members of the Hall committees. 

The Hall Orientation programme is successful in offering students a smooth transition into University life.  It also helps students to understand the functions of the Hall Committee and the Student Services and Development Managers. 


Ready, Set, Go! The Mona Campus is your place to Live. Laugh. Learn! Remember our motto: Oriens Ex Occidente Lux: A Light Rising from the West. This is now Your Place to Shine!


 Highlights from Orientation 2018

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