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Programmes and Services

Academic Support Unit
The Academic Support Unit (ASU) is designed for students who desire excellence and want to maximize their full potential. The ASU is about creating fulfilling academic experiences and is a blend of powerful motivational workshop series and tutorials. The unit provides free tutorials for subject areas with high failure rates, namely: Chemistry, Statistics, Economics, English Language Proficiency,  and Mathematics.
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The UWI is the hub of many leadership initiatives and activities aimed at grooming the next generation of leaders. Our leadership programme will help students realise their true leadership potential. Challenge yourself to be extraordinary, join us and position yourself for local, regional and international leadership opportunities.  
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Environmental Awareness Programme
The UWI takes pride in the environment and seeks conscious minds to join the cause. The environmental awareness programme is for the young, conscious student who understands the importance of balance and wants to preserve the environment for present and future generations.


The UWI helps students to build an effective network through mentorship. Our mentorship programme pairs students with alumni who are at the top of their professional fields. Participants are given an opportunity to see how these professionals operate at work, at home and at play.


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Are you willing to share your experience? Willing to help others to avoid the mistakes you made while at University?

Become a Mentor for Level II and Level III undergraduate students, help them to avoid pitfalls in the Academic and Social life. Click here to become a Mentor.

First Year Experience Programme (FYE)
The UWI puts great value on each student, and the first years are no exception. The first year student is exposed to a myriad of activities through the first year experience programme (FYE) that is designed to help navigate your first year at the UWI. The programme pairs students with staff called facilitators who set the foundation and prepare students for university life.


Cultural Exchange Programmes
The programme offers an alternative to traditional academic study abroad programmes and provides students with short-term, rich cultural learning experiences through immersion in the target cultures. Groups of 10-12 students spend one week at Florida State University, or two weeks at the University of Costa Rica. Participants are generally selected based on involvement and contribution to clubs and societies.

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Clubs and Societies
Clubs and societies are dedicated to developing the quality student. The UWI currently has over 60 functional clubs and societies that are designed to suit your varied tastes and interests. We take pride in nurturing a rounded student; through our various activities you will be exposed to outreach, advocacy, sports and host of other such disciplines.

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Club Fusion
Club Fusion is a gathering of the Clubs and Societies at Founders Park on specific Thursdays each semester. Each club is expected to mount exhibits under a common theme as well as promote the work of the club. These activities facilitate the development of talents and foster a spirit of cohesiveness. All students of the Mona Campus are invited to participate as involvement in Club Fusion may earn the clubites valuable rewards.

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The UWI is the home of legends. Our students play and train alongside the likes of internationally acclaimed athletes Usain Bolt,  Yohan Blake and Hansle Parchment, Mona’s own scholarship athlete.  We offer a variety sports to enhance your experience while keeping you healthy and focused. Become involved and make this, your place to shine.
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Placement and Career Services
The perfect job may be just an interview away. The Office of Placement and Career Services provides career counselling and other critical services such as summer job placements and internships. It also boasts flagship programmes such as the Dress for Success and Mock Interview Seminars.  Visit us today and begin your journey at The UWI the right way.

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Special Student Services
Service is at the heart of The UWI. The Office of Special Students Service celebrates the achievements of those among us who are physically and visually challenged. Volunteers with our office are critical to the success of this community. Join the movement and put a little more heart into service.

Bus Service
Ride in style at The UWI. We provide safe, fully air conditioned buses and punctual service. The buses run every half an hour and can be accessed from the various bus sheds and stops along the campus corridor. Visit the office of Student Services and Development for our daily bus schedule.


Residential Services
Our halls of residence are designed for you and are the preferred choice for the savvy, contemporary student. They afford you a varied social life, top notch security and a sense of independence. Merely five minutes’ walk from most places on campus; we are the place of choice for housing, comfort and recreation. 


Lodgings Office

The Lodgings Office assists students to obtain suitable accommodation off-campus. The office meets or arranges for new students from overseas to be met on arrival at the airport and transported to the campus. 

Additionally, the office manages other university properties which are used to house students.

Summer Accommodation
The OSSD through the Lodgings Office provides affordable accommodation for the summer.  Nestled at the foot of the Blue mountain range, the picturesque Mona Campus is in close proximity to financial institutions, shopping malls and places of amusements. The Mona Campus provides accommodation to alumni, current students, faculty members and the wider society during the summer (May 20 – July 31).

The UWI, Mona accepts group bookings.  We can accommodate up to 1500 persons, with a choice of single or double occupancy rooms available in eight (8) halls of residence, each with its own distinctive character.  

Brochure for Summer Accommodation

Brochure for Summer Accommodation Leslie Robinson Hal

Commuting Students’ Lounge

A lounge dedicated to commuting students is located in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. Students who commute can chill out, meet new friends, have refreshments, read a magazine or watch a movie in the comfort of the lounge. A study room equipped with computers is situated upstairs.

Facilities Management Unit
The Facilities Management Unit aims to provide a high quality level of service by ensuring the physical plant within Student Services is satisfactorily maintained in a safe and well conditioned standard.

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