OSS Staff Members

Group 1

Mr. Jason McKenzie

Group 2

Mr. Michael Clarke
Manager – Chancellor/Responsibility: Hall Sports/ Management/ Ethics
Ms. Donna-Mae Jackson
Manager - Rex Nettleford Hall/ Responsibility: Effective Communication

Group 3

Dr. Lindy Jones
Manager - Aston Preston Hall/ Responsibility: HR Development/
Ms. Nadeen Spence
Manager – Mary Seacole Hall/Responsibility: Leadership
Mr. Athol Hamilton
Taylor Hall/Responsibility: Environmental

Group 4

Mr. Bertram Anderson
Student Services and Development Manager
Mr. Milton Dennis
Manager – Facilities Management Unit

Group 5

Mrs. Merrit Henry
Manager – Placement and Career Services

Group 6

Ms. Paulene Richards
Administrative Officer
Ms. Marcia Bishop
Senior Administrative Assistant, Responsibility: Cultural Exchange, Programmes

Group 7

Mrs. Alice Hinds-McDonald

Group 8

Mrs. Shirley Harrison-Smith
Telephone Operator/Receptionist
Jovaugh Neil
Manager – Office of the Guild of Students