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1A Competitiveness, Productivity and Innovation in a Global Environment

1. Financing Agriculture and Trade: Barclays Bank (DCO) in the West Indies, 1926 -1945

2. Government Savings Bank: Interpreting Colonial Finance, 1926 -1960


Abolition and Plantation Management in Nineteenth Century Jamaica – Dave Gosse (Chapter 3: Worthy Park:

Example of Management for Survival) H32

GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Development of the Sugar Economy in Westmoreland Jamaica, 1740-1834: A

Micro Examination of the Decline Thesis

GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - The Performance of Four Industries within the Jamaican Economy during the

Great Depression, 1929 -1939


International Reggae: Current and Future Trends in Jamaican Popular Music


A chronological survey of the history of Jamaica's musical and sound recordings, and a highlight of the

various genres of Jamaican music


Regulatory autonomy and the World Trade Organisation


Effects of Acetylation on the micromeritics of yam (Dioscorea sp.) Starch Powder for pharmaceutical



Ortanique peel PMFs extract (PMFORT©) for Hypercholesterolemia


Ethical Challenges and Opportunities for Nurses in HIV and AIDS Community-Based Participatory Research in



GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Estimating a Macro Stress Test Model of Credit Risk for the Jamaican Banking



Strategic Planning Effectiveness and its Impact on Organizational Performance in Service versus

Manufacturing Firms


Disaggregating Jamaica’s Micro, Small and Medium Firms on Challenges Faced for Better Policy

Development and Planning


The development of an Integrated Pest Management Programme for the Coffee Berry Borer, Hypothenemus

hampei (Ferrari), in Jamaica.


Decoding the genes associated with the quality and flavour of Jamaica cocoa.


Physiological and Biochemical Parameters of Maturation Ripening and Storage of Ackee fruit (Blighia



Differential protein production during renewed growth of dormant Yellow Yam (Dioscorea cayenensis)

tubers by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometry identifies a biological marker for the



Phytochemical Screening, Extraction Methodologies and Antioxidant Activities of Darknight and Moonshine

Yams (Dioscorea alata) Extracts


The Jamaican Purple Yams & Antioxidants Capacity


Tuber tonics to tablets, nutrients to nutraceutics: Innovative utilization of yam biodiversity & biomaterials

for development of commercial products.


Investigating the lionfish invasion in Jamaica


How to handle and clean lionfish


Using Big Data to define a healthy Jamaican Environment


Fisheries project on fisheries for conch or lobster with a view to better catches


Studying the interface between the marine and terrestrial realms: Coastal hazards and droughts in Jamaica


High resolution quantitative imaging of subcellular morphology and cell refractometry in a liquid

environment via endogenous mechanism


Towards food security: the production of cassava flour


Evolution of the UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator


Promoting the development of the Jamaican mineral industry – a new online geological and mineral

occurrence map of the island.


Making useful new materials from waste


Women’s Economic Leadership among Rural Jamaican Women


Skit in Jamaican Sign Language


Dramatisation of 1930s workers' protests


Demonstration of how to handle Lionfish for preparation


Cassava Bread


Interactive Display of Yam Nutraceuticals


Interactive Display of Beer Making




Climate Change


"Climate Change Knowledge, Attitude and Behavioural Practice Survey"

2 Integration of Environmental Education in the Mathematics Curriculum
3  Climate Change and the threat of Epidemics of Fever caused by Dengue, Malaria and Leptospirosis
4  GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - The Economic Impact of Climate Change on Jamaica's Sugar Industry
5  GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Environmental Management at UWI Mona: A Social Assessment
6  With climate change we must change (what?)
7  Terrestrial Flood Risk and Climate Change in the Yallahs river watershed in Jamaica.
8 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - The Fisherfolk of Pedro Cays; their livelihoods and vulnerability to climate change
9  A Molecular Weight-Selective Passive Sampler for Organo-metal Interactions in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments
10  Baseline Surveys of Vulnerable and Impacted Mangrove Forest around Jamaica.
11  Critical Coastal Area Forest rehabilitation and restoration using model techniques.
12  Coastal Forest Restoration and Enhancement
13  Examining seasonal changes of the Yallahs delta front and characterization of past climate of the Yallahs region, St. Thomas Jamaica.
14  Modelling climate change impacts on crop productivity in Jamaica
15  Social vulnerability assessment of fisher folk residing on Pedro Cays
16  Visualizing Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in Jamaica's Farming Communities
17  Wake up and smell the coffee! - The implications of Climate Change for Coffee Producers in the Cedar Valley Community
18  Future climate of the Caribbean from a super-high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model
19 CARIBSAVE – Critical Risk Atlas 
20  Mainstreaming Gender and Age in USAID’S Rural Development and Climate Change Adaption Programmes
1 Visualizing Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in Jamaica's Farming Communities 
2 Gender and Climate Change 


1C Viable Energy Options
1 The search for Jamaican Black Gold, what does the rocks say?
2 Smart Energy Efficient Housing for 2030
1 Smart Energy Efficient House model


1D ICT for Development





1 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Towards the Development and Validation of a Social Information System Model
2 An Evaluation of the Farmer-Training Programme in Jamaica: Opportunities for use of ICTs in training delivery and in farming activities
3 UWIPapers: Enabling Collaborative Research Using Web 2.0?
4 Open Science for Development –A National Imperative?
5 Tech-ability: Research on use of ICTs and Broadband Access For Persons With Disabilities in Jamaica
6 Robotics and Automation
7 The Relevance of UWI Township ‘Source’ to the Growth of ICT in Greater August Town
8 Laboratory Information System
9 Improving Decision Support through Data Mining
10 Education in the E-Environment: Online Learning and Distance Education Maximising The Technologies for Academic Progress: The Case of the UWI Mona Western Jamaica Campus
1 Electronic Cane Prototype
2 Tech-ability: Research on use of ICTs and Broadband Access For Persons With Disabilities in Jamaica


1E Communicable & Non Communicable Diseases and Health Related Issues
1 Audience Reaction to Life’s Voices within the Context of Planned Behaviour and Health Beliefs
2 Effects of Aerobic Exercise (Walking) Training on functional status and Health-Related Quality of Life in Chronic Stroke Survivors
3 Epidemiologic differences of Prostate Cancer in African-American, Afro-Caribbean (Jamaican) and Caucasian-American men.
4 Serum folate levels and genetic polymorphisms: biomarkers of prostate cancer aggressiveness.
5 The Burden of sight threatening Diabetic Retinopathy
6 Eliminating Vertically-Transmitted HIV/AIDS while improving access to treatment and care for women, children and adolescents in Jamaica.
7 Evolution of In Vitro Fertilization at the University of the West Indies Jamaica
8 A review of molar pregnancy at the University Hospital of the West Indies Mona
9 Lynch syndrome in a predominantly Afrocentric population: a clinicopathological and genetic study.
10 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Analysis of Virulence Determinants and Antimicrobial Resistance Between Methicillin-Resistant and Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus
11 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Assessment of antipsychotic therapy in the management of male cannabis users presenting to the University Hospital of the West Indies with psychotic episodes
12 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Putative epigenetic influence of DNA adenine methylase on P fimbriae expression and attachment among fluoroquinolone–resistant uropathogenic Escherichia coli to human urinary cell lines
13 Use of Videogames for Exercise Conditioning in Different Populations
14 An audit of Haematology/Oncology clinic services at an urban academic hospital in Jamaica
15 Cervical intraeithelial neoplasis in a cohort of HIV-positive women at UHWI: management and outcome
16 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - "Hypertension and Diabetes Prevalence in Older Persons in Jamaica"
17 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Ageing of Jamaica’s Population – What are the Implications for Health Care
18 Assessing dietary exposure to nutrients and heavy metals from lionfish consumption
19 Larvicidal Effect of Pimenta dioica Extracts on Mosquito Larvae of Culex sp. (Diptera: Culicidae)
20 Peristaltic transport in finite length tubes-Application to physiological fluid transport
21 Brain cysteine and glutamate levels as indicators of their roles in relief of craving following discontinued cocaine use and subsequent treatment with nutritional supplements
22 Glycemic Index in the Management of Diabetes
23 The prevalence of use of natural products among prostate cancer patients in Jamaica: a cross-sectional study
24 The protective effect of nutritional supplements on the digestive system following cocaine dependency
25 Brain cysteine and glutamate levels as indicators of their roles in relief of craving following discontinued cocaine use and subsequent treatment with nutritional supplements
26 Glaucarubulone Glucopyranoside, A Natural quassinoid inhibits pro-carcinogen bioactivating cyp enzymes in vitro and displays potent impact on breast cancer cell proliferation
27 Contribution of local under-used fruits in health and nutrition
28 Quantitative Non-invasive intracellular imaging of Plasmodium falciparum infected human erythrocytes (malaria)
29 Influence of climate variability on human leptospirosis cases in Jamaica
30 Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils from Jamaican cleome viscosa linn.
31 Getting to Stigma Free Services in Dominica: Survey Results Participatory Training and Policy Development
32 Getting to Stigma Free Services in St. Kitts and Nevis: Survey Results Participatory Training and Policy Development
33 Getting to Zero – Justice for All
34 The Transition of Young Jamaican Women to Adulthood: The timing of critical events in the life of women aged 15-34 years
35 Advancing Decent Work for Domestic Workers - 2013
1 Interactive Display of Auscultation Simulator and the Effects of Smoking
2 Interactive Display of Colposcope and Video Display of Procedures
3 Interactive Display /video presentations in support of the poster on in vitro fertilisation
4 Laboratory Information System
5 HIV Vulnerabilities of Migrant Workers
6 Understanding Stigma and Discrimination in both St Christopher & Nevis and Dominica
7 Linkages between HIV and Gender-based Violence
8 Annotated Bibliography
9 Student Corner


1F Sports: research, testing & development
1 The Development / History of Cricket in Jamaica; The Social History Project (already in visual format –PowerPoint, images)
2 A History of Cricket in Jamaica, 1870 to the Present
3 "Performance Enhancement drugs in sports: An Inquiry into the freedom and responsibility of athletes".
4 Aquatic and Land Based Plyometric Training for Improving Power and Agility in Different Sports
5 Use of Videogames in Sports and Exercise Training
6 "The Impact of Football on Community Development in Greater August Town."
1 Visual presentation of poster exhibition on the History of Cricket in Jamaica
2 Performance enhancement drugs in sports.


2A Politics, Governance and Public Institutions
1 Mediating Millennials
2 Developing court preparation material for Jamaican children: towards a model for cultural adaptation of communication messages
3 “Cooperation, Not Federation?” Jamaican Opinion on the Idea of Caribbean Integration 1944-1947 Inter-SID Capacity-Building in History Education: Departmental initiatives in St Kitts-Nevis
4 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH -Master of Public Health Graduates in the Caribbean: Contributions and competencies
5 Quality, Efficiency and Accountability in the delivery of Jamaica's National Curriculum
6 Corporate Governance: Directing Businesses through Law and Ethics
8 Anti-Money Laundering Laws, with special emphasis on the Proceeds of Crime Act of Jamaica: Guidance for Prosecutors and Judges
9 An Examination of Corporate Governance in the Jamaican Financial Sector
10 A Regional Model for Quality Assurance and Accreditation
11 Caribbean Child Research Conference
12 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Selectively Measuring the World: The Development Syllogism and World Bank Data
13 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - IMF Agreements and Jamaica's Fiscal Balance
14 Fiscal Sustainability and Economic Development in the Post-Crisis world: Econometric Evidence from Jamaica
15 Youth attitudes towards Internet Voting in Jamaica.
16 Exploring the Development Challenges of Small States: Grenada case studies
17 A comparative analysis of the electoral Strategies and Management systems used by the two major political parties in the 2011 general elections.
18 "Lessons from research into the development of Mona Common."
19 "The Impact of the Barry Chevannes Civic Engagement Initiative on Community Development in August Town"
1 Electoral Office of Jamaica e-voting exhibit
2 Mediating Millennials


2B Labour, Productivity and Human Resource Development
1 Study on Capacity Building in the Media Industry in Jamaica
2 “La traduction des textes littéraires antillais: quels enjeux?”
3 M.A. IN TRANSLATION PROGRAMME (SPANISH/FRENCH) PROGRAMME RATIONALE:The internationalization of business and the rapid globalization of communication has created an increasing demand both globally, and locally, for persons who have acquired the skills and professional training to accurately translate documents of varying complexity for a wide range of specialized contexts. A translation programme at the graduate level is important for building on the competence students acquired at the undergraduate level, in order for them to achieve the necessary mastery for pursuing a career in translation.
4 Communicative Competencies in the Academy and the World of Work: Issues and Questions
5 Espoused Theories and Theories-in-Use of Information Literacy: A Model for Reflection and Evaluation
6 Jamaican School Libraries Empowering Students with Life Skills: A Survey
7 Exploring ‘Voice’ in High School Curriculum-based Research
8 The Role of the School Library in the Jamaican E-Learning Project: A survey of Teachers and Students
9 Teacher Locus of Control: Identifying Differences in Classroom Practices
10 Moving from the peripheries to the Center of Learning: A qualitative Examination of Student Centered Approaches in Extra Lessons
11 Teacher Quality, Opportunity Gap and National Assessment in Mathematics and English in Jamaican High Schools
12 Communicative Competencies in the Academy and the World of Work: Issues and Questions
13 The Legal Standards of the Caribbean Labour Market
14 GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - How precautionary are Jamaican households? A household level study of the determinants of income and consumption: An instrumental variable approach
15 The UWI Community Film Project (UWICFP)
16 Intrapreneurial Spirit: The Human Resource Development Practitioner as an agent of organisational development and change
17 Innovative adaptation model for moving followers from a propensity for selfishness toward sustainable development
1 Interviews with Researchers from the School of Education
2 Communicative Competencies in the Academy and the World of Work: Issues and Questions


2C Crime, corruption and other Anti Social behaviour
1 “Haitian crime fiction: Re-interpreting Haitian History through Vodou”
2 Narcotrafficking in Latin America: A Sociocultural Approach
3 Teachers, Students and Administrators' Perception of School Violence in Jamaica
4 Justice and Peace Shall Embrace: The Antilles Episcopal Conference: Pastoral on Crime and Violence: Donald Chambers.
5 "Analysis of Jamaican Banknotes for Contamination of Controlled Substances"
6 Forensic Toxicology and the Drug Trade in Jamaica "Chemical Profiling of Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) Grown in Jamaica" 
7 Community and Crime: A Community Psychology Approach
8 The Jamaica Anti-Corruption Assessment Study
9 Post fire materials identification by micro-Raman spectroscopy
10 Sourcing the Provenance of Jamaican Cannabis
11 Distributed Face Recognition over a Reliable Self Organizing Storage Device Built from Unreliable Distributed Sensor Nodes
1 Greater August Town Film Project
2 Face Recognition Simulation
3 Face Recognition Simulation


2D Gender, Culture and Ethnicity
1 Feminism and Female Empowerment in selected Afro-Mexican Folktales

Promoting Development through Enhancing our Cultural Heritage and Strengthening Intra-Caribbean Cultural Ties

Jamaica Needs Haiti: Island Exchanges and Cultural Relations in the 1950s

GRAD STUDENT RESEARCH - Maroon Drumming: In Continuous Communications with the Spirit of the


3 Archaeology at Fort Rocky: A Preliminary Report
4 Ranting from Inside the Dancehall
5 Global Reggae, Carolyn Cooper, ed.
6 JWIL Special Issue on Masculinities in Caribbean Literature and Culture
7 The Routledge Companion to Anglophone Caribbean Literature
8 Upbeat Research: Popular Culture, Creative Writing & Film Studies
9 Renewed Caribbean: Contemporary Catholic Reflections; Edited by Anna Kasafi Perkins, Donald Chambers and Jacqueline Porter; Palgrave Macmillan, New York,2012
10 A response to the Antilles Episcopal Conference Statement on Homosexuality and Homosexual Behaviour : Lester Orville Shields
11 Transforming Discriminatory Sex Roles and Gender Stereotyping: The Implementation of Article 5(a) CEDAW for the realisation of women’s rights to be free from gender-based violence in Jamaica
12 Reducing Child Conduct Problems and Promoting Social Skills in a Middle Income Country: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
13 Rastafari In The New Millennium
14 Gender Review of Caribbean History Textbooks
15 Gender, age and sexual safety: reducing sexual safety risks and promoting reproductive health among adolescents in Jamaican high schools and youth at three (3) UWI campuses
1 The History and Development of Jamaican Sound and Musical Recordings and Music Genres
2 Maroon Drumming
3 Field Archaeology Demonstration
4 Popular culture, creative industries & development
5 Masculinities




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