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'Many Rivers To Cross’:Windrush -DACA Caribbean Migrant experiences

'Many Rivers To Cross’:Windrush -DACA Caribbean Migrant experiences

Dr. Hilary Robertson-Hickling
Faculty of Social Sciences
Mona School of Business and Management
Law, Governance and Society

Migration is a part of Caribbean Culture.We have developed Diasporas in Britain and in the USA and Canada.. One aspect of migrant life involves the development of business to serve the needs of this population.whom we need to understand.


I use the theoretical constructs provided by Jimmy Cliff in his song Many Rivers To Cross which also refers to the journey past the white cliffs of Dover and beyond the experiences of Two Caribbean Migrant Groups in the Diasporas mainly the group of 492 persons who boarded the SSWindrush in 1948 and their descendants who now face rejection, and deportation from a hostile environment in Britain and the 2400 persons who await deportation from the USA under the DACA Programme


Caribbean people continue to migrateto make a better life. They face opportunities, challenges including rejection and racism deportation and uncertainty


In spite of the sense of loss, desperation and hopelessness Caribbean migrants are resilient and survive because of their pride.


Popular music and its lyrics can provide profound and relevant theoretical constructs as Jimmy Cliff has done in his song.

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