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Where in the World are MonaLaw Researchers?

Where in the World are MonaLaw Researchers?

The Faculty of Law UWI, Mona Jamaica campus
Faculty of Law
Law, Governance and Society


  • Biholar, “Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”. Presentation at the UN Workshop for government officials, Jamaica, March 2018.
  • Biholar, “Alternative Reporting to the Human Rights Committee. 2016 Jamaican CSOs Report”. Presentation at UN Workshop for NGO representatives “Alternative Reporting to UPR and Treaty Bodies”, Jamaica, May 2018.
  • Sheckleford,“Jamaica’s National Identification System and the Right to Privacy”. Presentation at Mona Law Series, April 2018.
  • Sheckleford, “The Nature of the Right to Regulate in International Investment Law”. Presentation at the Mona Law Symposium, June 2018.


  • Malcolm, Member of the Committee to create a Model Arbitration Bill for CARICOM Member States, under the auspices of the Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT) Project, CLIC The UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados.
  • Brown-Blake, “Language and Access to Justice”. Presentation at the Caribbean Judicial Dialogue, Trinidad, November 2017.
  • Robinson,“Towards Sexual Equality: Dismantling Discrimination in Laws and Practices”. Presentation at UWI/EU Panel Discussion, September 2017, Trinidad.
  • Bulkan, Robinson,“Equality and Social Inclusion”. Presentation at the Caribbean Judicial Dialogue, Trinidad, November 2017.
  • Robinson,“A right to health as a human right”. Presentation at the Fifth Meeting of the Commission on Equity and Health Inequalities in the Americas, January 2018.
  • Ffolkes-Goldson, Presentation at the 6th Annual Corporate Governance & Accountability Conference, Barbados, September 2018.


  • Robinson, ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Making Sense of, Moving Through and Managing Crisis’, Presentation at PAHO discussion ‘Reducing maternal mortality: a human rights-based approach’, Washington DC, December 2017.


  • Biholar, Co-facilitator of UN/Suriname Ministry of Foreign Affairs workshop for government officials on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms Discrimination against Women, Suriname, October 2017
  • Myrie,“Substantive Equality, Reproductive Rights, and Constitutional Reform in Jamaica”. Presentation at conference “Beyond Human Rights?Rethinking Gender Equality in Law and Politics”, Columbia, October 2017.


  • Corthesy, “IP Protection of Country Names –No Man’s Land, No man’s Brand”. Presentation at the First IP Researchers Europe Conference at WIPO organized jointly by WIPO, WTO and UNIGE, Switzerland, June 2018.


  • Brown-Blake, “Judges as language referees for Caribbean English vernacularspeakers: How do they score?”Keynote address at the First South African Regional Conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, South Africa, April 2018.
  • Biholar, “Imagining Caribbean Development. The right to development and the reparations nexus”. Presentation at Regional Perspectives on the Right to Development Conference, South Africa, September 2017.
  • Robinson,“The Inter-American human rights system and the death penalty”. Presentation at the UN/African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Reflections on the Death Penalty, Tanzania, September 2018.


  • Biholar,“Towards a Southern Vision on Human Rights: A Caribbean perspective” Presentation at the 6th Cross-Cultural Human Rights Seminar, Centre for Human Rights Studies, Shandong University, Qingdao, China, December 2017
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