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Caribbean Journal of Education

The Language Learning Aptitudes of Jamaican Children at the Beginning of Secondary School

Publication Date: 
April 1976

Part one of the present paper (presented in Vol. 3 No. 1 of this journal) discussed the need for a study of language aptitudes in the Jamaican context and the relevance of J.B. Carroll's theories in the latter respect. The performance of children in tests of language aptitudes and learning potential was studied, and it was suggested that differences in the social-class profiles of schools were related to differences in the average test-scores of those schools. 

Part two of the paper (which is now presented) examines how the different school, and hence social-class, groups of children are distributed in terms of the specific abilities that are tested in the language-aptitude test, and the nature of the correlation between language aptitude and learning potential. It is here suggested in conclusion that the communication style of creole-influenced speech is different from that required overtly or covertly in most types of test performance, and that this specific factor could be responsible for the results discussed.

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