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Caribbean Journal of Education

Performance in Caribbean Classrooms: An Instrument for Assessing Teachers of Language and Literacy

Publication Date: 
September 2009

This paper reports on the development of an observation instrument that is designed to assess teachers of language and literacy in the Caribbean, and to provide an avenue for feedback to these teachers. The instrument contains four broad dimensions (planning, execution, classroom environment, and reflection), each with several items that are based on literature in the field, and validated by literacy professionals in the Caribbean. The items on the instrument were piloted across the region and modified before the final version was produced. This version was field-tested by 12 reading specialists before it was tested for reliability. Two raters observed 30 lessons to assess the teachers. Under these conditions, the instrument was found to be highly reliable with an inter-rater reliability equal to or greater than .8 for the overall scale and all of the dimensions. In addition, the instrument correlated highly (>.9) with an international scale.

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