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Caribbean Journal of Education

Nurturing Collaboration and Innovation in a TVET Teacher Education Programme

Publication Date: 
April 2009

Different contextual situations make it necessary for teachers to be innovative in the delivery process in order to achieve their objectives. These contexts may include the absence of resources in the classrooms; students with different learning styles; oversized classes; administrative demands on the teacher that are beyond his or her core functions; new technologies and the challenge of learning to use them to enhance learning in the classroom. The industrial technology instructor at the tertiary level faces the increasing challenge of integrating the latest cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology and industrial practices within the present curricula. This paper reports on the efforts of an industrial technology lecturer at the University of Technology, Jamaica, to encourage students to be innovative in their solution to technology problems in their final year major research projects (integrative projects), while highlighting the importance of forging a collaborative relationship with a manufacturing enterprise in order to continue nurturing creative and innovative problem solving in engineering technology. 

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