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Caribbean Journal of Education


Publication Date: 
September 2021

Borders are put in place for the purpose of regulation. They act as lines of demarcation, whether actual or imaginary. They attempt to provide clear visual and psychological markings of where one thing or place begins, and where it ends. To go beyond any border is to cross over defined lines which have been used in various ways to determine the identity, place, and function of a particular landscape, whether this landscape be physical or psychological. The act of going beyond borders in poetry, both as subject and as tool, provides opportunities for stretching, expanding, and furthering personal, academic, and professional horizons. The concept of “Poetry Beyond Borders”, therefore, is one that encourages us to look outside of the traditional, customary characterizations of the identity, place, and function of poetry. The motive behind such an outlook stems from a need by those in literary, cultural, and historical arenas to re-examine the role of poetry in the lives of its audience, and to ascertain an understanding of both its use and impact on those who contribute to, and benefit from, its presence.

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