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Caribbean Journal of Education

Teaching Social-Emotional Skills: Understanding the Views and Practices of Six Urban Belizean Preschool Teachers

Publication Date: 
October 2021

This qualitative study explored the practices of Belizean urban, preschool teachers when teaching social and emotional skills (SES). It sought to shed light on their understanding of social and emotional development (SED) with a view to highlighting possibilities for and challenges with improving the teaching of SES at the preschool level. A sample of 6 preschool teachers was interviewed, observed, and asked to provide a self-evaluation reflection on their social and emotional teaching practices. The findings revealed that while teachers taught and encouraged development of some SES, they did not teach SES in explicit and strategic ways. This shortcoming was influenced by the teachers’ limited understanding of SED and how to facilitate it. An improved curriculum, professional developmental training, monitoring, and support are therefore indicated as necessary components for the effective teaching of SES.

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