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Caribbean Journal of Education

Finding the Right Path: Exploring the College Choice of Haitian Immigrants at a Highly Selective Historically Black College & University

Publication Date: 
April 2022

Today, Haitian immigrants account for nearly 17% of the Black population in the United States (Tamir, 2021). The increase of Haitian immigrant families has led to an increase in Haitian immigrant children enrolling in college. This trend has affected enrollment at all higher education institutions—most notably Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). However, while HBCUs today are vastly different from institutions of the mid-1800s, the literature on Black students entering college continues to focus on African American students (Gyapong & Smith, 2012; Cartledge et al., 2015; Chapman et al., 2018). Although there are studies on the factors affecting Haitian immigrant student levels of educational aspiration, less attention has been given to the college of choice (Dublin, 2014). Therefore, this qualitative phenomenological study sought to explore the college choice process of ten Haitian immigrant students who attended a highly selective HBCU in the Northeast region of the United States.

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