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Caribbean Journal of Education

Positive Behavior Intervention Support in a Belizean Preschool

Publication Date: 
July 2022

The purpose of this study was to examine how the use of the tertiary tier of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support model can be used to enhance students’ behavior in a Belizean Preschool. The data collection methods included an indepth interview with the classroom teacher, a focus group interview with the students, an observational checklist, classroom observations, and the class teacher’s journal entries. This action research was implemented in a Belizean preschool targeting four preschoolers with individualized intervention support.
The findings collected from the data sources showed that using positive reinforcement through PBIS can achieve the desired behavior from students in the classroom. When traditional disciplinary strategies such as timeout; meeting with parents; and entries in a behavioral log book were implemented, the children’s inappropriate behaviors continued. When offered positive support for displaying appropriate behavior, the behavioral problems in the classroom decreased. The PBIS model has the potential to help Belizean preschoolers with behavior modification.

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